WS vs. FS

Which do you prefer for movies? Widescreen (black bars) or fullscreen (takes up all of the TV)?

Personally, I like WS since you get the whole picture that way.

grrr people should buy widescreen tv’s anyways

people should buy high resolution (definition) TV anyway


I got a 67" widescreen tv, so widescreen all the way.

Widescreen is the only way to go.

I will be getting myself a plasma TV this year. Hopefully within the next 6-8 months. (/me starts to drool)



Who’s got time to watch TV?


Interesting question indeed.

I just bought a digital recorder/decoder so I wouldn’t have to go through adds and zap through 100 + channels. That way I can watch 1-2 good movies a week, plus a few good programs, and do other things the rest of the time.

I chose that over a wide screen TV, which I won’t buy as long as HDTV isn’t more broadcasted.

I’ll just stick with my old black and white Motorola thank you! :wink:

Gas or electric ?

Well, my TV’s got a broken capacitor or something, so if the movie’s full screen, about the top 10 lines aren’t visible, but overlap the 10 below it. Except when it’s a black letterbox.
is better (ahem, better for me). :wink:

Gas or electric ?[/quote]

Probably steam.

why not just buy a decent dvd player and use the screen fit function on a wide screen format dvd - problems solved for everyone!