WSAG question

Hey all,

Since no-one responded to my thread…

I’ve decided to enter the 107 pages long hell called the tutorial of “WSAG”. xD
I just got a few more questions about the features before I start.
Which of the following things will I or will I not learn?

  • Chatbox
  • Save accounts
  • Login on own account

Thanks. ^^

Oh, how fast does it run if I run it on a good computer. (assume that people have an descent computer and I do not have more then 50 verticles in game…

On your original thread, it seems like you are offering to pay someone at most 5 dollars. I’m about the cheapest artist/programmer there is and my minimum is $30 per hour. And there’s no way I can do all of what you asked for in 10 minutes. $5 gets you 10 minutes. No offense.

Lol, I told u it ain’t much but it’s all i’ve got on the internet man. :wink:

The main thing you will probably learn from the WSAG project is how to send your game data over the internet. You will still have to figure out what you want to send yourself. (the 107 page manual did not eye the most friendly to me, you might want to look at the other .pdfs first)

-Sending text is “easy” (once you understand how to send messages) so a chatbox should not be very difficult.
-Saving an account and logging in is not directly related to the network. You just have to store the data somewhere (with python) and check the data you send over the network (username, password etc.)
-The speed of the game depends for a large part how much data you want to send, keep the send data limited. Keep in mind that there might be some lag over the internet. Your game design should be made robust (still playable) if there are small delays between players.

WSAG wil NOT enable you to construct massive online multiplayer games, for that I guess you are better of joining one of the many existing projects already on the internet.