wtf is up with quicktime render?

I’m working on a stick dude fight, and i want to put my wip videos on my MySpace account. but MySpace won’t use avi’s. the only kind blender can do that myspace will accept is quicktime, and here’s the problem with .mov renders:

When I hit the ‘set codec’ button, nothing happens. absolutely nothing. when I try to play back the rendered anim the player crashes, and if i try to play it in quicktime, it freezes up.

Im not sure if this might work:

If u know a friend/library that uses a Mac OS,do a quick download on their comp. and render it as quicktime their.

that mean u gotta have mac os to do a qtime?

i dont know cuz im using windows.i just thought that mac and quicktime where made by the same company,a mac-based blender would be able to save as quicktime.

BTW:when i say ‘Im not sure if this might work:’,it 5% chance that it might work.

well i dont know anyone running mac, but maybe i should tell the blender foundation. Silly blender! movs are for macs!

Do you have QuikTime on your computer? It sounds like you dont have the codecs, they come with QT not Blender. Get QT and try to save as .mov. I have the free QT player on windows and I can make .mov fine.

i do have qt, but maybe not the codecs, if that’s even possible…

btw why are there so many image formats in blender but only 2 (avi, mov) common video formats in blender?

Nver mind!

Moderators please close this thread, i found an answer in a related thread, thank you.

Please link to the thread or share the solution.
It helps the search function on this site.(which doesn’t work very good any way IMO)

btw shr1k: that was ur 300th post. you should celebrate.

this just in, it’s still not working. I must not have the codecs. I’ll download them.