WTF? No error error message

I just thought this was funny. It popped up during a Team Fortress game at a LAN party.


Hee, hee - send that one into PC Mag’s backspace - they love this kind of stuff. It sounds like something that comes from Microsoft. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had this problem in a couple of programs i’ve written (and fixed :slight_smile: ), and got Something’s wrong: No Error

All you C people will know what went wrong:

if (err = 0)
  /* do stuff */
  printf ("Something's wrong: %s", errs[err]);

Ha that’s good. You should send that into a PC magizine. They’d love that. That is so typical of windows. I mean, since there’s always an error in it, it’s an error if there isn’t one. Wierd.


I reckon it didn’t know what the error was, and the default message was “NO ERROR”. I understand what phlip’s saying about the code, me being a programmer of sorts.

i’m a progammer (in the loosest term possible) but i still think it’s bloody funnny and true as well.

Maby the game needs an error to balence out the game itself. Oh, who the hell cares anyway?