wtf , where is my audio (WAV)

im trying to import this .wav into blender, for a lip sync, but wen i go to the video editor and click add, audio (WAV) doesnt show up- im not sure if its cus i dont have python installed or what, which i have no idea where to download it.

There is no “Audio (WAV)” option as far as I know. Just use Audio (HD) or Audio (RAM) to load your .wav file. You can find more information about this in the manual:

at the BSoD tut wen u add the wav file it shows an audio (WAV)

Maybe the tutorial used an older Blender version, I don’t know. But both options load WAV, the difference is decribed in the manual…

and wen i scrub the audio, it plays fine, but wen i alt a it , it plays the audio so far till it freezes and starts skipping, and then a blender error comes up and it crashes