WTF? Why is THIS crashing???

I had a scene setup, some gen3 trees, and about a million grass strands with the new particle system, but I’ve deleted all that, and it still crashes! All that’s left in the scene is a flat plane that’s cut into sections and 3 materials (1 grass, 1 dirt, and 1 material node setup that blends between the two). But it crashes instantly every time!

My setup is:
AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.3GHz
2 HD Radeon 3870 graphics cards (in crossfire)
Windows Vista 32 bit.

EDIT: Whoops, almost forgot the link:

But it crashes instantly every time!

So you gave us a link so… we can crash too? :spin:
You may have a corrupted file, or something is incompletely deleted. I’d start over from a new file.

That’s the thing… I DID! This is the second file I’ve made. It seems to start crashing after I add in the particle system.

And I meant it crashes the instant you start rendering. You can edit it just fine.

If you open it up in a version of blender with the old version of the particle system, it works fine!

the two particle systems are not compatible. B 2.46 will attempt to upgrade the particle to 2.46 standards, but you cannot go backwards or you crash. There is no guaranettee that 2.46 will be able to upgrade your particles from <2.45. sorry.

PS: no crash here using Vista 2.45.15

But I AM going backwards and I’m NOT crashing. Plus, I’ve deleted the particle system and it still crashes.

I assume your using SVN, right? Those builds probably aren’t large address aware, and as such can only address 2 Gigs of your ram. If you are going over that, Blender is probably going to crash because its out of memory (thats 2Gb minus whatever Windows/other programs take up btw).

so, you are not crashing, but you are crashes. Hmmm., well as I said, dont go back and you wont crash. If you are going backwards and not crashing, i guess you’re doing all right. If you are going back and adding particles and getting crashes, don’t do that. If you are beating your head against the wall and it hurts, stop. If you are clicking the X to quit blender without saving your work, don’t do that. If you are getting some amusement from crashing, by all means continue. but we will think you wierd and confusing:RocknRoll:

Since you have a nice computer you might want to change you os. To something that can make use of your memory (4gigs). Linux does quite well. But with blender there are builds for just about every os.

I would, but they don’t make Company of Heroes on linux! :wink:

Assuming you’re using an SVN build, where are you launching it from? I had repeated crashes when I tried to render with an SVN until I moved the executable to the Blender Foundation folder where my 2.45 release version resides. Now it renders beautifully. Just rename the SVN .exe if you want to keep the 2.45r around.

BTW, look at for an LAA build – I’ve seen a few available recently.