wtf wrong with my bl;ender
i always \get stuff like that weneva i model sumthen why

i got a
64bit 3.2hgz processor pentium4
1.24 gig ram
a nvidia 6600 turbochache grafix card
windows xp pro

Upload the Blend file to a server. Maybe we can find out by trying it out on various computers.

i stopped modleling coz it loked crap i’ll redo it tho coz it didnt take long

so no one can help ?

I think that people would help if you offered more information about the model itself. It is hard to say anything about the image.
The .blend file, as mentioned before, would surely help us to help you.

Maybe you don’t have any place to host it. You can hst blender realated projects here:

I used to get that too, but only in orthographic mode. Does it still look like that in perspective view? (press #5 on number pad)

For reasons I’m unsure of, it stopped displaying in that way when I upgraded to 2.40.