I was in the process of skinning a mesh and for some reason…some of my Vertices scale and rotate when I move the bone attached to them. This just happened all of a sudden. It’s not a Bone issue…it’s like it’s a Problem with those particular Mesh Vertices. I didn’t key frame anything…?

WTF is going on!!??

Some one help!!!:mad:

  1. WTF
  2. wrong forum
  3. blend file or it didn’t happen (you’re giving too little information)
  4. if you don’t know what causes it you can’t be sure it’s not a bone issue
  5. WTF
  6. a possibility is you posed the bones, and while weight painting the verts snap to the transformed bones

Not really in the wrong form.

If it wasn’t Blender I won’t be here.

If you can’t answer the Question…STFU!!!

PS, I wasn’t weight painting, Idiot! :smiley:

For next time, your post in the animation forum seems to be more appropriate so it didn’t really require a double post in the News & Discussion forum which is to discuss blender itself. Hope you get your problem sorted there.

omg what this stupid thread have with any cgi related news?

If you can’t be polite then do not post, well you can post but no one will offer their time to help you. It’s like that in the real world, and on-line is no different.

Wrong forum section, so this is getting reported.

Yeah, a basic tip for you that I have found works really well surprisingly enough.

If you want help, don’t go calling us idiots and telling us to stfu because believe it or not, people actually don’t like being called idiots. Comes as a shock I know but that’s the truth :eek:

Makes me laugh that you call one of the biggest power users of Blender an idiot, I’m guessing that you are 12, 13 years old? Maybe in your infinite genius you could post in the appropriate section of this forum.

WOW SAGO got “idioted”! This it is one of that things that gives you tears of laugh! …Sago ? Can you belive it ?! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

You need to study perspective Namural

Is it just me, or have a lot of new users been posting simple help questions in the news section?

There should be some measure against this, because I just wasted 30 seconds of my life.


I had a similar issue with this. Use the search function to find the answer.

I completely agree. Thread reported.


Well I never quite understand how people post in the wrong section, aren’t the names pretty much straight forward?