Wth is with this texture?

Sorry bout double post XD the details are in the next one.

I have only been using blender for about a week now, so this may seem very noobish, but wth is with that texture? Ive checked everything and every bit of texture\shading data matches the other cushioned parts of the chair, anyone experienced the same thing? Anyone know a fix?


as 4 the rest of the room, any tips?

Thank you

Try recalculating the normals.

  1. Select the object
  2. Press TAB for Edit Mode
  3. Press A to select everything
  4. Press CTRL+N to recalculate normals.

This might fix the problem with your chair.

And remove doubles (verts) and add subsurf to round off the shape? but thats really a great effort for 1 week!!!