some of you already might have seen this as the splash for the december CVS/development build.

Not much to say, it’s a bit simple and it could’ve used more work on the facial expression… but hey… deadline and stuff. Nontheless, best Wu-Man you can find out here… of course… since I am the father creator… yeah… what?..

Special thanks to Rcas for asking.

Also added a pre-PostPro version.

Sago out… this new forum is getting me depressed.


Sweet! That looks awesome man! Love the blurry snow in the background, and textures and lighting look great.


LMAO! Love this guy.

Though I could do a better version. Cause I am the man. No, please, don’t bow to me now. You can wait a bit.


Nice! Though I think he could look great if he was also encased in ice out there in the cold. :slight_smile:

So let me get this straight, after trying to take over this forum, Blendernation, and Blender he’s now trying to take over Christmas?

The modeling and the picture is good and everything, but doesn’t he usually have an orange mask?

Obviously he’s got a summer and a winter uniform. Always wondered why the rest of the superheros didn’t. Only sensible thing to do, and we all know how sensible Super Wu is.

Hmm… I could take him. Nice stuff bro.

Whoa! Katt posted! I thought you were dead, or abducted by aliens, or disappeared! Good to see you back agian :slight_smile:

Say, Sago. What’s your material settings?

As long as he doesn’t travel back in time to try to get a major role in the christmas story I’m fine.:slight_smile:

great stuff, the subject matter is so…how do you say…awsome, great, wonderful, superior, yes superior is the word, so great, so wonderful,

although i almost missed it due to the GIGANTIC symbol to the left, good lord dude, that is so how you say, jealous, yeah man, you realize i’m the puppet master and you are the puppet, dance puppet dance!

anyway, look forward to your next gigantic symbol, i mean your next artworks, they are soooooo superior, hahahahahahah!!!

p.s. when we get your new smilies this forum will rock, no worries about being depressed…because once this “thing” >>:) << is gone so will your worries!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Just to torment you, and I’d consider these smilies over any of Sago’s (sorry Sago)

And that’s because Wu’s almost as cool as Batman, who has a variety of uniforms.

His cape looks as if its made out of thick vinyl. Is that intentional?

What’s the matter Sacha?
Are the colors too bright, or is it the time of the year?

I’ve been hearing a lot of these smileys. I’m anxious to see them.
Keep your head up man.

Cuby - thanks man…

BgDM - man, I’m sure you could do a better version… IF you were able to finish it. haha. Anyway, I’ll allow you to talk this BS for now, since you called me your boy toy once. Pfff, whatever man.

Katt - good to hear from you. And seriously, your idea is brilliant… why didn’t I think of that?

Well, I decide what he ‘usually’ will have… that’s how it works, man. And c’mon, it’s Wu-Man, of course he’s got a closet full of different outfits. Every night he’s wearing one of them, posing in his room in front of his dozen mirrors, loving himself, talking nonsense like “say who’s your sexy superhero? yeah, you are, you hot stud!”

A bit of spec, a little ambient, that kind of stuff… some lights too, I guess.

Hmm, I thought you’d be used to that symbol by now, since you’ve got it burn marked on your ass. Yeah, you’re my property, b#tch! haha

FlowerMan - Well, I was going for some sort of rubber material, but it could’ve been a little less stiff, I guess.

vliegtuig - hey Nancy, is there a question somewhere in your post about this work? Hmmmnope, don’t think so. Just get yourself some rope, 2 wooden planks and find yourself a nice cliff. You know the rest.

Well, enjoy them while you still can [insert evil laughter here]

Love y’all,

vliegtuig - hey Nancy, is there a question somewhere in your post about this work? Hmmmnope, don’t think so. Just get yourself some rope, 2 wooden planks and find yourself a nice cliff. You know the rest.

Tnx a lot Sago. Real eye-opener here.

Always dig your stuff but, never said so until now.

With that expression and his hands out of shot, it looks like he’s just been caught making yellow snow. But why has he got both hands out of view :wink:

so puny men like you dont feel extra puny when i show my big guns, i’m sure sago felt they were too monstorous to show my arms and didnt want to make any of you “men” feel weaker then you already are…like you for example AndyD…yeah i’m talkin to you.

so yeah it was a way to keep you sissys protected and to keep your weak feelings from being hurt…BACK UP!!

Oh, okay then. Err, sorry and thanks Sago and thanks Wu-Man. Thanks Sago and Wu-Man, I mean, Super Woman - damn - I mean Super Wu-Man. Thanks, sorry - and thanks.