Wummah & Podji

Hey folks, I’ve been working on two models. These are both household robots.

Wummah is the vacuum cleaner and Podji a fridge. Both characters are completely rigged and ready for animation. (I plan to do a little animation series in the near future).

Rendered with cycles. 500 passes.


Hey pretty nice characters you’ve got there!

I think they would have a lot more personality and character if you would make their surfaces a bit more interesting with a bit of wear and tear. Or maybe just for one of them? To reflect their personalities and such.

Good luck with the animation!

Thank you Ben_Lind.
I actually did this to the vacuum cleaner, but it won’t render on 2 of my 3 devices due to a lack of vram.

I needed 3 highres textures (blendmap [is still there, the white strip is made via texture], rustmap, bumpmap)
this caused an increase of rendertimes :frowning:

I may upload a picture of the rusted version soon.

As promised, the version with some wear.
It renders @4 minutes with 2000 cycles.
As you see, this is from a very early stage (no rig, one arm missing). I just dug it out of my hard disk :spin:

That makes it look a lot nicer imo. Especially if it contrasts with the other character.
You might want to hide the mirroring effect a bit though.

Nice work!

Okay - convinced! :slight_smile:
Here is an updated final version of both - now I’ll start with the animation. The intro is already finished an rendered (just the sound is missing). But be patient - I’m very busy at the moment and try hard to get the first episode done :wink:

Hello everyone,
I want to share some wip-shots of utilities which will be used in future episodes of wummah & podji with you. Maybe a moderator could move the topic to wip? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance :ba:

Here we go with a helmet for the robots: