WW2 Airplane *UPDATED*

I am makeing a WW2 looking airplane. It’s my first non-tutorial modell, so please don be to harse :slight_smile:

Dont mind the textures, i am going to change them anyway.

please tell me what you think about it so far.


I think it’s a good start, but I have one question. should I be able to see through the wings? (or is that a reflection?)

It’s a bit hard to tell from the render, but the cockpit seems too far back. Either that or the wings are too far forward. I’m just a newb myself, but I think peaple import images into Blender to make accurate models.

You are not supposed to see through, its just some bad material.

I used this reference image: http://www.suurland.com/blueprint_x.php?image=http://www.fortunecity.com/marina/manatee/272/me-109.gif&id=8095

Here is a render from a bether angle:


Do you still think it’s positioned wrong?

Here si a updatet image, whatt do you think?


Please give me some C&C

well first I must say that is a great improvement on the original. but you seem to like reflection and high specularity values. if you wanna make it look good you might consider turning off the mirror effect and turning down the spec.

looking good…one question: how long have you been using Blender?

Aboute two weeks

Not bad at all with 2 weeks into playing with Blender.

I’d say make the plane smoother (use subsurf) and the reflections on the plane are too much (for my eyes at least.)

keep up the good work.

I am going to UV map it, but i dont know how.

Do anyone know about a good tutorial?

I have a tutorial that I just wrote on UV mapping. and I need some …inexperianced users…to tell me what they think.
www.thecorndog.10e.net this is my website and it’s a mess right now because I’m still learning the craft. but pm me with what you thought of the tutorial.

Here is a new image, with less Ray mirror and with subsurf .

How can i make the edges look smoother? i have tried AA on 16, bot it doesn’t help.


select al vertices, then in the edit bar click “set smooth”.

I hope thats what you wanted to know.

Thats not what i want to know.

If you look at the render you can see that the edges on the plane is not as smoth as it should have been.

It’s like it’s not AA.