WW2 cruiser "Indianapolis" WIP

thanks for the compliments. @arexma i already see my mind slipping. although it is very tempting, maybe someday. Im still a little new to blender, havent tried animation or smokesim yet.

@larmannjan im still in high school lol
what, do you have a job lined up for me?

@Rickyblender 653,298 vertices (is that a lot? too much?)

more updates:

im gonna post some closeups tomorrow. hopefully i will get some more detailing done.



yea ocean sim is not happening, due to hardware limitations. think about it: all those polished little demos i have seen were of patches of ocean 1m x 1m to 2m x 2m. that little patch would need to be duplicated AT LEAST 1,000 times just to cover her footprint (190 m long, 20 m wide, 2x2 patch of ocean). and it would not extend more than a couple of meters left, right, fore or aft of her widest and longest points. a patch of ocean seen in the above images would require ~40,000 duplicates. basically, ocean sim is extremely impractical for large scenes. Im going to stick with blenders built-in bump mapping.

did you mesh model
or also use scultp tool to make some of the details?

but not really surprise with qty vertices

you do have a large model here!LOL

keep up the good work

this was all done with mesh modeling, and curves for things like railings, piping etc.

not much of an update i think, but ill post it anyways. taking a little longer than i expected…more schoolwork than usual.


she is complete =D

ill post in the “Finished Projects” section when i make some better renders.