WW2 Flight Sim. modelling, anyone interested ?


Just wondering if anyone has an interest in World War 2 flight Sim modelling ? I have been working for a little while now on Shockwave Productions Battle of Britain 2 Combat flight Sim.
There is a small but enthusiastic amateur modding group (BDG) that have been working on updates for a considerable time. They were somewhat limited in adding new 3d objects and planes due to all the original development work being done with MAX. (Even keen amateurs are not going to fork out £2000 to do hobby work)

I have been working on getting a new Blender designed plane (Tiger Moth) into game. It is going pretty well so far, but still lots of work to do in all areas.

Here is the thread on the subject

(Screenies start on about page 7 if you want to skip the initial messages)

The external model is getting fairly complete, but the internal cockpit model hasnt been started yet. That is going to be quite a challenge, as it needs a pretty high level of 3D design skill to match the existing cockpits. (Probably a few notches past my level :))

So if anyone is interesting in helping out with the modelling or contributing to helping me with an interesting new usage for Blender, please post a message and we can have a chat.

Regards Geoff

What is that for a sim? It is a FS mod? Never heard of this (but don’ play too much, except Il-2). I might help, I think I can model aircraft.


Not sure I totally understood your question. It is totally unrelated to Microsoft Flight Sims.
It is a complex simulation of the Battle of Britain in 1940 between the RAF and the Luftwaffe. Check out the webpage, there are some nice screenshots at the bottom of the page that show the 3d engine is rather nice. Also price is very good $20, didnt realise it was that cheap now :slight_smile:

Have you got some past experience modelling planes then ? That would be very handy !


Cool :slight_smile:
You might want to look at FlightGear .
They really have come a long way, and it runs on almost every operating system known to god and man.
I am sure they would love to have your planes donated to them.

Have you got some past experience modelling planes then ? That would be very handy !

Yes, I’ve made few planes, but not for game, but high poly models:
Dragon Rapide
and now, I’m working on B-47.

I think this might be a good opportunity to learn few new things about game models.

Hi Myn

Very nice looking planes indeed! Sign him up quick :evilgrin:

You might enjoy working on this then, its a lot more fun to actually fly one of your creations and shoot stuff down with it than just to produce a render.

If you fancy trying a small little job to try out to begin with I have an idea of something you could help me out with ?

I have been doing the damage model for the Tiger Moth, for example when a wing tip gets shot off, you see the damaged wing spars etc. I didnt know what it should really look like when I started, so my initial guesswork was not very good, since then I have found some photos that show what it should have looked like. These damaged parts need a rework.

If you fancy trying this please send me an email to geoffw123_no [email protected]
(remove the “no spam” )

Regards Geoff


Myn, I guess you decided you couldnt spare the time as I didnt receive any emails from you. :frowning:

Anyway, if you get a change of heart or anyone else is interested in bringing their Blender creations to life in a WW2 flight sim, here is a link that gives some more info on the subject.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.

If you want an idea of what it looks like, here is a thread with some screenshots of a Blender WIP aircraft in game