WW2 hemet (C&C) please

I Have been working on this for a few hours and i would like people to tell me what im doing wrong and right cause i am still a noob but i will get better :smiley:
ooohhhh just so you know i know the texture on the ground doesnt look the best but i was focusing on the moddeling of the
helmet thank you again anyway heres the pic:eek:

your title says HEMET instead of HELMET.

Trak wrecka, you spell man ‘mayn’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, using a bit of ambient occlusion would soften the picture up and give it more depth. The modeling looks fine. :] The texture’s not bad, except you can tell it’s been projected a bit. Have you tried UV mapping yet?

turn the spec away down.

you got me MAYN!

any more c&c people

please put NOR to the ground! It is OK work

thanx ill make sure next pic i post will have no NOR thnx again:D