WW2 Panther (WIP rework in progress)

I’ve had this tank completed for a year or so and after finishing my Jagdpanther I showed on here not too long ago I thought I needed to update the texturing on my Panther tank. But before I could do that since none of the UVs were existent I had to go back start with creating UV maps for the parts and that in some instances meant recasting whole parts either by scrounging them off the Jagdpanther or revise the existing ones. So it’s been a little bit since I started this project.

Here it is now with all the parts of the tank fully done and with some tweaking in Substance Painter I consider this very close to a finished version. Only what’s left to do is blend the concrete platform in better with the scenery.

You can see more of the Panther tank here along with my other tank projects:



Looking good!

Track texturing video (in case you’re interested):