WW2 Tiger 1 tank

Been off for a few months trying to learn Unity and got a hankering for a couple of Blender projects and thought a Tiger 1 tank would be a good project for reintroducing my computer to Blender.

I’ve been working on this tank at least three weeks. I’ve been juxtaposing between the two projects. Here’s my progress so far. Next up is putting the turret details together.

and from the back…

portfolio: rgarber.artstation.com

Rich Garber


Wow. Such a great :+1: work.
I’ll love to collaborate and create more contents. How can I reach you.?

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That looks awesome!

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That’s awesome! A year ago i created a model of Tiger tank as well:

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Hi Corn_Lord and welcome to Blender Artists community. Great bunch of folks here. Sure, you can email me at [email protected]

If you have a look at my portfolio which I gave the link to in my original post I got more models of WW2 stuff that are completed. Thanks for your posting. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I appreciate your letting me know! :slight_smile:

Hi! Glad you brought up your model because a number of details I added to my tank is from the same working Tiger tank too. I started out using my HengLong RC Tiger 1 and a number of websites about Tiger tanks to get my references when I learned of this same tank you speak of. I think your model looks great! I’d like to ask you a question on how you got your tracks to line up with your sprockets so well. Great job! - Rich

Actually i had to move front wheels a bit to match che tracks holes. And i did change the length of the tracks a bit too :smiley:

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Duh!!! Now why didn’t I think of that!? Actually I know why. I work on the wheelsets early in the process of making the tank and all the arrays for the teeth are in place and I’m reluctant to move anything. Later in the process like texturing I’ve combined all that stuff and never thought to adjust the teeth to match the track. I appreciate that bit of advice! - Rich

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Latest work on the Tiger 1 tank completed is the turret sides. Next is the turret hatches.



Super cool ! I really like to dive into all the little details you added !
Well Done !

Thanks Sozap!! It’s the details that make this fun! - Rich

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Some parts/regions look proportionally slightly off compared too OEM variants.

For example front track guard side plate? however if as I understand you’re referencing a WoT model?! then all good who am I to nitpick : )

Glad you called that out. It’s something I need to get fixed though it won’t take but a few seconds. The same issue is with the rear ones too. Easily forgotten. This isn’t meant to be a WoT version but I mostly had to eyeball most parts since my reference pics only highlighted the big detail. Thanks again! - Rich

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Yeah feel that!

In my opinion it’s quite easy to get bogged down in the detail, therein ending up losing track of the ‘bigger picture’ Anyway your project has at least sparked renewed impetus too finally put to bed, my attempt at a game rez Kingtiger asset, I’ve worked on/off since 2017 :weary: so here’s hopeing this year is THE year…

I’ll also continue keeping an eye-out on your progress, as well.

King Tiger? Awesome tank. But I know what you mean. I’ve got too many projects half or nearly finished from over the years and I’d like to get them all done. I only started this Tiger project because for months I’ve been into Unity, learning it, but I prefer modeling the most. So I wanted a project to get my head back in Blender.

This area, I had it messed up pretty bad. It’s because of the latch. It wasn’t until I did the rear fender I figured out how the latch work. None of my references have a good look at the latch so I guessed. It’s taking fixing that whole section to get it right now. Appreciate your pointing that out cause the way I had it, even the front access panel wouldn’t have opened cause half the hinge is sitting on top of it.

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Nice modeling. Your attention to detail is good too. Will you be using Substance painter for the textures?

Thank you very much! Regarding Substance Painter, yes I usually do. My previous model tanks I used Substance Painter. Here’s a link to that gallery: Click here - Rich

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Edit: Just to update the pics… front driver viewport was changed. Smaller top hatch reduced in size.

Probably a little too early to post, this about finishes the rough draft. There’s some small details to add still but the next phase is to start adding seams, color IDs (oh what joy) and readying the model for exporting to SP. - Rich


Wow you’re good with detail. I bet the polycount gets pretty high for one of those babys eh?