WWI Aircraft

Working on assets for a WWI dogfight scene.

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Added a Camel to the collection:

Bristol F2.B progress…


Modeling for a Nieuport 11 is mostly done. Only one skin created so far. The Le Rhone 9C should be reusable for multiple aircraft. Since its a rotary engine, the texturing won’t mean anything since the whole engine will be motion blurred.


Upgraded & textured prop…

All detail lost when in motion…

I also took some time and made a pilot asset who will be flying all missions.


It of course looks wonderful. I would suggest that you spend a little more time on the cloth body of the plane, particularly where (e.g.) the “RUM” lettering appears. (Did the real plane really have that “hard” bend there?) The texture n the body of the airplane just feels a little bit plasticine to my eyes. (But the same area, in shot #1, doesn’t.)

Thanks for the comment. It’s always gratifying when somebody says something nice about your work, but it’s nicer when they take the time to offer constructive ideas. I always like hearing about how I can improve my work.

The fuselage edge should be pretty sharp. The fabric was drawn tightly over a wood and metal frame. You can see how sharp the edge is on this reproduction:

You are correct about the differences in finish between the 1st and later images. I did fiddle with the bump and roughness maps between the first and last pictures. I’ve taken your suggestion and did some more work on the bump and roughness. I based it on this reference from the Smithsonian’s SPAD restoration:

The material is pretty glossy, but you can still see the fabric texture under the paint.


Updated images for my WWI assets.

Close-up of the new bump and roughness map. I don’t think any of the final renders will be this close, so it may not matter anyway.

I’ve also added an Airco DH.2 to the fleet…


Crazy planes. will be interesting how you will make the detail visible in the final result.

rotary engine
very dangerous engine !

which model did you use for this ?
I check the wiki and it does not look the same

happy bl

Great job on the airplanes. I’ve built the Dr1 and the DIV in another program. One of these days I will take a year off and built a Zeppelin Staaken.

Ricky, The engine is supposed to be a Le Rhone 9C. Le Rhone Wiki


I’m currently working on a Dr1. Hopefully I’ll have some WIP renders soon. I’ve always wanted to do WWI bomber, but haven’t come across enough resource material to do the job properly.

Look gorgeous and the work on the textures is fantastic! I can’t wait to see the final scene!

that was the wiki page I looked at
and the engine has some small differences
mind you nothing major

and depends how precise your are going with this model

your model seems to have squarish joints
but if you don’t show from close
for the piston casing Whihold did an engine like that you could use some of his pre made things may be

nice work in any case

i’m not in WWI prefer WWII LOL

happy bl

Good eye. Mine are a bit different than that. When the engine is in motion, they won’t be seen, so I’m not going to worry about it, but thanks for pointing it out.

Got some work done on my Albatros. Still need some texture work and cockpit details…


Here’s a scene I’m working on, but I’m not fully happy with it yet. I would appreciate feedback. Does anybody have any suggestions to improve it (composition, lighting, color, etc.)? I’m trying to replicate a cool, wet fall morning. The sample size for the render is low (300) so it’s more grainy than the final will be.

Right click and open the image in a new tab to see full size.

Thanks for your help.

Good Job on the Albatros, Did you use the Smithsonian book for reference?
As far as the above rendering goes the lighting looks flat. There’s no contrast or sense of light coming from a specific direction. I can see hints of the light direction on the wheels. Maybe it just needs to be brighter?
The composition feels static with the foreground fighter dead center. You might try switching it so the fighters are at an angle coming towards the camera, or so that the fighters are not dead center of the horizon line. Maybe try half lighting with the foreground fighter in sunlight and the background fighter below the tree line and in shadow.
Try looking at the compositions of Jim Dietz, Steve Anderson or Russell Smith.
A good site to find a lot of aviation artists is Virginia Bader fine arts. http://www.vbader.com/latestreleases.html

Thank you for the suggestions and the link to the other art.

I did use the Smithsonian book as my primary reference. The drawings are really good.

I’ve gotten similar comments about the lighting from other people. I think I’ll do another version with less atmosphere and brighter colors. I’m just using an HDR for lighting, maybe I’ll play around with an extra lamp to see what that does. I’ll also play around with the aircraft positioning like you suggested.

see the rule of 1 / 3 for focus location

blur might be too strong and too fog ish !

not certain but is the bottom part water ?

happy cl

Nice CGI. I’d really like to see someone get the colors accurate for once though. There exists a beautiful Lumiere Autochrome color image taken in April 1916 of N 940 (Lt. Jean Chaput) that clearly shows the 4 colors used in the camouflage and especially how they were applied. This was accurately described by Victor Chapman of the Escadrille Lafayette) as mottled and not the usually thought of discrete areas of differing colors. As yet, NO ONE has anything close to a correct and accurate rendering. Maybe you should be the first?

I would like to make it better. Can you provide a direct link to a reference that you consider authoritative?

Yes I can. I have a fully restored color photograph taken in April 1916 showing what the colors were and how very much differently than you have depicted hr in reality they were actually applied.

Paul, I sent you a PM with my email address in it. Any reference material you have would be greatly appreciated.

As long as I’m here in this thread…

Images of an F2B I’m working on (not done modeling yet and all textures are procedural at this point)


Re-textured and upgraded my Fokker E1