WWI FPS needs artists!

Hello there!

I’m working on a 3D FPS for quite some time now with some other people. It’ll be one of the very few games featuring the World War 1. This FPS will be similar to games like COD2 and Red Orchestra but with an unique setting and refreshing gameplay. And more online features.

The project is going well, we will have an beta done in November, and hope to release a public demo/beta quickly after that. On the coding front everything is going very well, textures/models are going well too, but we do need some more help to get more done, more quickly.

I am currently making maps for the game, and hope to find some artist backup. We are searching for someone who is experienced with blender and texturing. Every piece of art you make should be viewable in-game in seconds, so this project can look good on your portfolio. Do mind that we use our own engine and we’re not a mod. We got big plans for the multplayer part of the game.

Here’s a screenshot how the current version looks. As you can see it does need proper art…but thats what we need you for !
(Some feature’s you’ll notice are HDR, normalmapping, specular maps and alpha mapping.)


Please post if you have ANY questions or if you’re interested. You can also contact me my MSN/Email at matt(at)m2h.nl or join us on mIRC: irc:Quakenet.org/verdun
You can also join us on the forums at www.verdun-online.com (We’re slacking at posting new news items… but we have alot of progress behind the scenes)

Thanks in forward!

I don’t understand the excessive use of bloom in those screenshots. You can’t even see the actual ground-surface.

I was thinking the same thing. Other than that, though, the game looks great. I haven’t made anything for games before except for a sword in Morrowind, but I think I could help with modeling and perhaps texturing.

Hehe well the bloom on the ground is actually a bug that needs to be fixed sorry for that!

i like the concept. i´d llike to be in.
part-time though

Alright guys do you have any examples of your work? And do you have experience with making models for games and understand the work method?

I want to work.
Work from home and send thrugh internet.
Please see my samples on my signature.

I want to work as freelancer. Work form home and send thrugh internet.
You can click on my signatures to see some of my examples. On you tube link bellow my 14 clips.
You can see my parrots flying here http://www.geocities.com/patriciaumarawal/page7.html


All I know is that you have to use UV mapping instead of materials (right?), and that the .x format is a preferred export format (again, right?). I’m guessing that that’s pretty off, so if there’s a nice tutorial or something that you could point me to, I’d appreciate it. I had a really excellent model yesterday that I could show as an example of my work, but unfortunately lost it in a crash…

Edit: Oh wait, here’s an earlier version that I rendered:
At one point, he had teeth, front feet, basically everything except his back feet, and it’s all gone!!! :frowning: I’m trying to redo it before the deadline for BlenderArt #13.

game looks very promising not enough exp here though =(

Hmm I’m afraid your examples of your work aren’t sufficient enough. But if you really want to join the team I can give you a “test” to see if you’re really up to it.

What I want from you is to model and texture a wooden cart like this one:


The models shouldn’t be very high poly around 500 poly max I’d say but doesn’t really matter if you top it. And the texture map should be 1024X1024 since we can always resize it.
We need one, maybe a few, extra artists. We’ll decide who’s on the team by looking at your previous works and by judging this wooden cart.

I’m looking forward to see the result.

I think I’m in for this challenge. shouldn’t be too hard…

Yeah, I know, that model is high-poly and cartoony and everything. I’ll start on the cart.

Just for the heck of it, here’s what that dragon should look like (finished it yesterday)

I will show you my wooden cart very soon. By then time see my wooden work here.

Here’s my model so far. Some things I didn’t try to include because I can’t seem them clearly enough in the picture to model them correctly. I definitely have room for more detail, though, as this is only 416 faces. I can’t explain the weird grain on the one wheel spoke.
Once I’m done with school stuff, I’ll get the texturing done.

471 quads, difus+normalmap made in blender and gimp today mailto: [email protected] if you like ithttp://uploader.polorix.net//files/44/wooden_cart.jpg

Its looking like real.

Here’s mine. Everything’s my own photographic textures except for the metal, which I had to make in Photoshop as my photos weren’t good enough. Normal map made with the awesome power of Crazybump. I’m quite satisfied, as this is the first thing I’ve ever actually UV textured!

409 quads

PM sent…

This looks like a great game concept. BTW, 400 quads = 800 polys because a quad is 2 polygons.
Here is what I have so far.
It comes to a total of 248 triangles, but I guess my cart will need two of them so I’m already at 500! Oh well. I tried to be cheaper but the wheel looks too blocky, this is a good compromise.
Here is the diffuse.