WWI FPS needs artists!

I have one sitting at 471 faces I believe, no tex yet, to lazy/to much other stuff to do, but imageshack won’t let me upload…

apparently it did, it’s twice in my list now, haven’t touched it since the weekend, and don’t think I will for at least another weekend, but here’s my entry so far:
Shot at 2007-11-04

Man, i would saw off a leg or two to be able to model stuff for this. I can’t afford the time tho. I’ll keep an eye on this tho, WW1 is the most under-used war in games and movies and everything. Good luck on the project, and if i get a chance later I might try out to do some late-stage modelling. Depending on how you’re doing the levels I might be able to make some Multiplayer maps. I used to make CS:S maps, tho i never officially released any of them. Just played them on my own server, so I doubt they really got spread around too much.