WWI Nieuport 17 French Fighter Plane

Hello, it has been a long time since I have done a complete model from scratch, so I decided I would find something and do it. I recently saw the movie ‘Flyboys’, great movie, I suggest watching it. I really liked the French airplanes that were in it, so I went and did a little research and then got the reference image from the-blueprints.org. I am going to model it in pieces, and parent, or join them together in the end. I have done the wings so far, and will start on the body later. Enjoy, tell me what you think.

P.S. The first two images in this post will be the newest update, after a two updates.


Ok, I worked quite a bit more on it, let me know what you think please.


From the solid view, it looks like you have messed up topology in some places, can we see the wires?
Also the wings dont look realistic either.

I worked on it a little bit so its slightly different than the above pics but I would be happy to here any ways to improve it:


are you floowing any tut here?

there are 2 available i think on web

but in any case don’t remember that the front civer wall 360 degrees here
more like 250 degrees

see drawings fro details on this

and here on forum there are 2 good thread on this airplane


No, I’m not following any tutorials. And I didn’t really understand what you meant by the 360 and 250 degrees.

at the front or ariplane you have this big rounded metallique protector

you made it all around the motor !

usually it does not go all around only about 250 degrees

see pics in this thread



Ricky, the aircraft in your the thread you posted is a Nieuport 11, the Nieuport 17 being modelled here has a cowling that completely covers the engine.


sorry miss the wrong number here!

in any case keep going would be interested to see a new model in that serie of WW1

keep up the good work

happy 2.5

What are you using for primary reference?