WWI Sopwith Snipe

I’ve been working on this for a while and I think I’m about done with it. I need to figure out a good composition for a dogfight rather than static shots, but in the meantime could use more eyes to tell me if anything looks off.


Very nice little plane. My only comments would be:

  1. More renders - I would like to see some of the details you’ve made.
  2. The propeller looks a little odd, but it may be that I can’t see it very well in either render. It is definitely missing that “laminated” look that old props had.

Thanks, I updated the prop to make the lamination more obvious. Here are some more renders…it was helpful to do them because I discovered the guns were misplaced, and now I see that the cockpit cowling texture is too bump and plasticky.



Added stitching detail around cockpit cowling; re-did stitching on fuselage because I wasn’t happy with it.

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Great details and texturing. Hopefully you’ll get it in the air some time.

Looks really Good! But…( always a but )…
the prop still looks like plastic…Darker with the laminations as well as the rubber on the wheels ( bump or Normal map the straight tread on the rubber )and lower wheel struts ( more like you wing struts ( looks great BTW)…

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Thanks. I plan to try to get a good dogfight going one of these days.

Thanks for the comments, RSEhlers.

I made the varnish on the prop shinier, and darkened the wheels a little bit and added some more texture. However, in my research the tires on these WWI craft were smooth so I don’t want to add an actual tread. Have you seen photos with a tread?

I don’t understand your comment about the lower wing struts. They are painted metal, where the wing struts are wooden.

Just testing different lighting. I like how this brings out the different textures of the metal, wood, and fabric (but the bg is too low-res for a finished piece of course).


dogfight composition ideas…which one is better? Or neither?

I like the 2nd one better.