WWII old radio R1155/T1154

i/m beginning to work on theses old radio form WWII for my B24 and B19 bombers
so it’s gone take a while to get all theproper components but it guess it will come with time

C & C welcomes

see pictures

Happy 2.5

I love those radios! My dad collects them, the looks of those are really nice.
My piece of advice: do’nt use colors on the displays. Most of those were black and white (or rather, black on yellowish) paper backgrounds if I recall correctly. All details were black plastic with a small white indicator if I’m correct… Then again this is all from the top of my head ;-).
Also, the paint of those radios has a ‘ripple’ to it, it’s not smooth like paint on things is nowadays, rather like paint with lots and lots of small hairs embedded into it.

did you try to work with black objects - it’s a nightmare to find anything

that’s why i used weird colors to built theses for now

when satisfied with shapes and location i’ll begin to the process to final texture

can you show a pic of the paint texture your talking about
any procedural text to simulate this effect ?
or only way is UV map?

and would you happen to have some pictures for these models ?
very difficult to find high res pic of theses!

i’m beginning to work on the TX


I ddin’t think of the black object modeling indeed, haha.

The paint is hard to find, but I’ve managed to get some examples:


Especially the last one makes the idea clear, I think a bump map (clouds? with reeeeaaaallly small noise size) should suffice. Then again, I’m quite new to Blender.

will definitively used theses nice pic
thanks man tht shows it with high res

see my grainy texture blue for now
and test iwth some black

for the T-1154 TX
but still have to experiment in 2,5 for this later on

should be able to add some coffe stain or like on the paint
but more difficult to do have to check out the COG mat tut for theses effects!


you seems to have more models then i got

can you model some of theses and we can exchange models if you want !

thanks & happy 2.5


before last pic is the crystal calibrator
last is update for the TX T1154M


Here is the GEE display


working on the top inside of the radios

some glass work valve or tube


having some problems with theses new panels?

some text words that i cannot read and cannot see the shape of some of the controls buttons in the picture

anybody ahs some ideas of other picture showing more for theses instruments ?

see pic


powersupply and another instrument

happy 2.5