WWII radios and some artifacts

here is the beginning of the supercharger for the P-51

did another version with subsurf

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Good modeling, my only critique would be the default font.

here is a page with some military fonts that look like they will fit much better: http://hans.presto.tripod.com/fonts/stencil5.html

quicktip for replacing fonts: select a text object, ctrl+G, select by Type, change the font in the text settings, then ctrl+L, select Font to link the font to all text objects.

what font are you talking here ?
I did not use any characters in there !

don’t know if I can find drawings showing all the right gears ect,
I just eyeball it and did the impeller!


here is one of the gun sight for the P-51

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The shape seems appropriate, but the material should be more specular
(or maybe you have rendered it using the ambient light, only?)

did not really have a nice pic so guessing

but this was war time and mat inside plane had to be matte mostly I guess

but I could add some glossy to it i’ll add another model

working on that merlin engine now and difficult to find good details for 3D model!

thanks for comments

here are some machine guns

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here is a V1 rocket at night

not certain how to represent the impulse engine plasma !

here is one with more visible plasma !

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Cycles Volume lights could be one way.


still uncertain what the real look is for an impulse engine like the real V1 rocket !


WWII bombs sizes

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Chicago typewriter

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a jeep

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Very fine and accurate works here!

Happy blending


thanks for the comment

Note: Sherman tank

correction "
this was the M3 General lee tank
which was use in WWII in 1092during the North African Campaign

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here is tank killer M18 - HELLCAT

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here is the M3 - HALFTRACK

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here is a 2 1/2 tons truck

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here is V2 rocket engine

here is a van at bottom of rocket

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here is a V2 mobil transporter

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