WWII style render

Here is a render that I made in an hour or so. Something about is seems fake, any ideas?

nice. I believe the helmet is the thing that makes it look fake; I think it needs a better texture, and maybe you should position it differently so it the shape is more obvious.

other than that, good work.


Hello, as this is in focused critiques I will give you some of my thoughts. Before that though I would like to say I do like the concept.
First the background is kind of distracting. As it has by far the brightest area of the image in it, it strongly attracts the eye. Much more than (what I assume are) the main subjects, the helmet and empty gun shells.
That leads me to my second thought. The main subjects are quite hard to spot. The gun shells are almost the same color as the ground which makes them difficult to see, and it took me awhile (five or six seconds) to realize that that dark thing beside the shells was actually a helmet. The text is also very dark.
Fourth is that the overall image lighting is rather flat and lifeless. Moving the bright sunset “off camera” to one of the sides and simulating it with some side lighting from that direction may help.
My last thought is that the image is rather sparse in content. Adding some more minor objects that fit with a beach scene would be likely be beneficial.

Those were my first reactions, hope they help. On a side note I realize what I said is more about its composition than its realism. Good lighting and shading (materials and textures) are key to a realistic image if that helps (though you probable already knew that).

I thought the helmet was a rock at first. Did you model it after a specific helmet?

It looks like the dirt and the helmet are neither creating or receiving shadows. I would think there would be a fairly dark shadow cast into the foreground by the helmet. Or perhaps some ambient occlusion where the helmet meets the dirt.

Speaking of which, I’d add some more interaction between the dirt and the helmet - i.e areas where the helmet has pushed up sand or rocks, or the wind has made sand drift piles from the helmet. That would make it look less like the helmet is just pasted in place.

Otherwise this is a neat little concept.

Thanks guys!
I have fixed most of the things you mentioned, but I can’t figure out what other objects to put in the scene. Any Ideas?

Perhaps some dogtags.

Ok, how’s this?


Sorry, I didn’t see your comment about the dog tags. Here it is.

It might just be me, but the helmet looks a little egg shaped, as though the right hand side is sort of caved in. Maybe it’s just the style of helmet though.

Good improvements so far. :slight_smile:

I’m glad it’s looking better. Does this metal edge on the helmet help?

good concept, but it feels like the sun is not acctually lighting the scene.
there should be a reflection of it on the water, and i think the shadows should be a little darker.
also, on a beach, sand gets EVERYWHERE!! (i would know). try to cake the helmet in sand, and maybe add some sand particles floating around?
finally the bullet shells go into the sand too harshly, they wouldnt be that clean in real life.
other than that, good stuff. sand is really hard to do and you’re doing a good job :smiley:

Well seeing that its WWII and the helmet is on a beach, I think it would look cool if you made it look dirtier and more scratched up…Maybe make it look like it got shot or something.

Its starting too look pretty sweet though dude!

How’s this?

looks pretty good on the full picture, however i think it might look better more focused on the helmet. maybe move the camera closer and a defocous node.

I would do as LightBulb says, but move the camera down a bit, and rotate it up a bit. It looks much better when it’s full size.
great work!

I already had a defocus set up but I didn’t know how to use it properly. I played around with the settings and got this:

I don’y know how to “cake” the sand on there and make it look good. Any Ideas?

Sorry, I foregot to add the scratches. Here they are:

Any more suggestions?

Pretty good. I think that you might be able to add a little more light from the sun. Because of the view now you can’t really see the dog tags. and they wouldn’t lay out flat like that because the bass chain it’s on tilts the bottom one and the top one slips over the side. Good though.

Can i have look at the image without the vignetting? For some reason I think it looks a bit distracting. But other than that it looks amazing!
I also think there should be more light from the sun like GraphicX says.


I think it’s all there, you just need to do some color correction (RGB curves with a touch of brightness increase). This is from GIMP but easily composited too.