(shibbydude) #1

I really hope that no one takes offense at me getting this domain but I have moved my web site to a new server. The domain has yet to circulate to all corners of the internet. My page design is a little new and I am still working on my counter, but I thought that a little shameless self-promotion couldn’t hurt. To all of you blenderheads that are bored shitless: blended.com. Take my poll, too.

(Jolly Gnome) #2

Nice domainname, but your site sure is ugly, as well as broken. The pollthingy didn’t work and only gallery working was the “family photos”, all others had the “image” links linked back to the same page.

(shibbydude) #3

The poll should work in a couple of minutes (hours). As for the pictures in the gallery, they are linked to themselves because once clicked a popup opens with the picture. I had to do something with the ‘a href’ because I was using a javascript ‘onclick’ load. You’ll find that if you would have clicked a couple of links in the gallery you would get some beautiful renders of my work. As for the ugliness I am working on a flash-based version but as you know not everyone has flash, so…

(Goofster) #4

you have linked Blender.nl that doesnt work anymore dude. at least link to blender3d.com.

i’m not really a Flash kinda guy, but hey, who am I? :slight_smile: