Www.blender3d.org gallery pages

I just browsed through the galleries of the last few months, and I must say I was truly amazed by the quality of the work pepole do with Blender now.
I’ve been following the development of new features almost daily and the coders are doing more to this little favorite of mine than I thought possible not so long ago, and it really pays off in the artwork. I think these galleries show very well that the quality of the end product is not proportional to the tool’s price tag.
Unfortunately I myself have almost no time to play with all the new goodies. I have hardly opened Blender since I downloaded 2.34. Hopefully this will change.

Congrats to both coders and artists! Keep up!

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Blender is silently stalking through the world of 3D software surrounded by commercial fellows. One day it will mature and eat those commercials alive ^^

Blender artwork benefits most from the integration of raytracing and AO i think.

About AO I’ve never felt the need to use AO at all to make great work mainly because it takes forever to render with a minimal amount of noise. You can also get pretty much the same quality shadows using area lights and then use omni and spot lights to fake the natrual bouncing of light.

and arealights are quick to render?
their is a bit of an anti-AO backlash I think, because plain AO only renders can get a bit old. But its a nice element that when used correctly can really punch-up an image. If you use distance/plain AO it doesn’t really take that long to render an image with minimal grain.
So don’t dismiss it! It’s a tool in the box, foolish to pretend its not there.