(imatthew) #1

A long time ago I registered the domain “blenderart.com” with the idea to make a gallery of Blender artwork. I rendered the blender logo and posted it: http://www.blenderart.com
I am open to any ideas about how to use this space. I think the name is at leaste easily remembered and if there was some good blender work there the site would be a good promotional tool for Blender.

Maybe it would be a good destination for the demo reel that is being discussed? I have made the site live for the time being to see if there is any response. besides blending I am interested in web development. And would like to donate something back to this community. If anyone has any ideas.

I was thinking of a simple gallery of images----I never seem to get tired of thumbing through 3d images. And I imagine there is room for more images than are already out there.