www.Blendergames.com is online (don't let it be for nothing)

http://www.blendergames.com make use of it it’s made specially for the gamedesigners wes1

Looks great! Large link list by the way :wink:

great!!! as soon as i finish my Peeto Rescue game,i’ll send you a mail. :smiley:

Pooba: you finished your Roller ball game,this is a good opportunity to “promote” it! :slight_smile:

Cool site. Just wanted to point out that the link for the bmx game should be to blengine’s site, not joecool’s site:)


As soon as I get my NEW spinhead site up, I’ll put it on your teams list.

Saluk:??? the info says that it’s granpa’s game,but the link goes to Joecool’s site,then when you hit the link the game downloads from Joe’s site! weird! :-?

Nice site! You did a good job on design, though i think there should be a couple of changes.

There needs to be a place to comment on each game, or a rating system, something where people can post their comments, like the ones here for the galleries.

Also, what host are you using? And what program are you using to make your website?

And I think you should put in details about the sites in the links page. I’d like to know what http://www.xraylith.wisc.edu/~ebrodsky/ is without loading it.

And more games!

Really nice job


hehe, maybe I can explain that.
I sent it in, just because I wanted to be the first :wink:
I told him it was blengines game, and I told him to put blengines site, but I uploaded it onto my site. :stuck_out_tongue:
but I guess I wasn’t first…???

nice work! Do you support web plug-in’s?

No we don’t support web plugins (ooh please questions or discusions about blendergames.com in the blendergames.com-> Forum oke :wink: