www.blenderman.org . NEW VERSION

AT Last…www.blenderman.org URL is alive again

We have at last resolved the url problem. 07/09/2004
| www.blenderman.org

we are also finishing updating the site

thanks to “illegal_op”
but it currently works

Hi we are in need of contributors and more
if …

We also need your pro- talents: check our announcements in our forum

for blender-france.org :http://www.blender-france.org/image/bfo.gif

Webmaster (good knowlege of java is a must) but if you have better to offer or if you are specialised in PHP nuke… wy not?

Designer for the site
article administrator
magasine administrator
confirmed journalist specialized in free softwares.
and for the futur of the Blender printed Magazine
http://www.blender-france.org/news%20letter/image/sendamail.gif | [email protected]

http://blender-france.org/blenderman/images/topics/bmicon.pngFor blenderman.org
model archive admin
articles admin
moderator for the forum
forum gurus
all you initiatives. blenderman becomes your’s
http://www.blender-france.org/news%20letter/image/sendamail.gif | [email protected]

If you have talent in designing , conception, programming or other talents that can be usefull, please let us know.| http://www.blender-france.org/news%20letter/image/sendamail.gif | [email protected]


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all riiight! :smiley:

hmm i noticed that the languages don’t really work, (in the coppermine section at least)

IMO having multilingual sites that are the ‘automatic multi lingual’ doesn’t really work.

just a personal assesment.

but its definatly looking pretty sweet.


Thanks alltaken.

hmm i noticed that the languages don’t really work, (in the coppermine section at least)

IMO having multilingual sites that are the ‘automatic multi lingual’ doesn’t really work.

Normally they do work now… I’ll check it again.

but give us a little time. we officialy opend on the 8 th of august an as you know… we have had few problems.

anyway It is all for the best.
and we are working hard in getting new projects in as adding also old articles.

But do bring in new ONES…


that looks cool. so there will be a test print of the magazine? count me in if my parents agree.

(and does my article get printed? if so then ill have to write an update :smiley: )

the only thing to critisize is the fact, that contributed models no longer have their author mentioned :-?

i found it in the details… but it’s still a little bit hidden IMO

Do not worry Antares…

All contributors will have their name mentioned .
A special page will be dedicated to each one of them
20Mg (maybe more) space for their web pages if they need it
under blenderman.org/cntributors/webpages

It is only normal…



I was a contributor during the old blenderman. I would like to be again, if possible?


Mostly welcome…:smiley:

for www.blenderman.org
to become a contributor:

mail me to [email protected]

the last one to add his pictures to the blenderman.org gallery:

will be called a commercial-3D-software-user !!!

please think about contributing some of your stuff to the model archive as well. we all appreciate free work of other guys, so it’s just fair to add one of your own.

Awsome maybe this will be the replacement for elysiun ^_-. Must say though the menus are crazy… Just too many too choose from ::drools::.

I don’t think blenderman.org is meant to replace elysiun. I think it was meant to be a resource site. and the home of our magazine.

Yes, dreamsgate is right.
for what is being said about
blenderman… you can trust dreamsgate.

In fact I do not quite know what all this is about Elysiun.
Elysiun has become an institution. Woldwise.

It works, every one is happy with it, other wise
nobody would come here.


lol, I always thought of elysiun as a virtual artists’ coffeeshop. We all wander in, sit awhile, catch up on whats happening, share our work, ask questions, answer questions, trade jokes, news, whatever. I would be extremely bummed if anything happened to my favorite place to hang out.

ok then can i challenge you on somthing?

WHY THE FORUMS, if its not suposed to replace elysiun, then why the exact replica forums?
i say get rid of “completed works” “wip”… all the things that compeat with elysiun.

a forum is fine if it offers unique sections and choices.

Blendermans drive goal and nitch was the magazine, model archive and things of this nature, why spread it out to much?

i am not trying to attack it or say its bad, but critique and challenging is a good thing to get people to question their own work.



you can possibly and probably justify the forums and other things, well you don’t need to justify them to me. so long as you can justify them its all good :smiley: .


The Forum was a quick way for us to get things up.
for the community.
Plus we are not the only ones developping a forum.
You know as well as I do that it’ s the most pratictal
tool for the community to express themselves.

Their is no competition.
as I sead Elysiun is a blender institution.
How could blenderman compet…
But if needed. yes we will take
out the items you feel are disturbing.

Part of model archive
we can create a gallery with
realised works done by members.

Will this be tolerated?

BFO is developping interractive projects on educational programmes.
but with partners, organisations, etc…
Blenderman will, we hope be an interface betwen these projects and the community. I will not only present the developments of projects
but the finalized ones also.

Send me a mail Alltaken.
we can discuss about it.
I’m open to evolution -developments- transformation of blenderman.

Blenderman is not only the magazine
project & not only the forum.

it’s also a gallery for the community
a model archive (we are on it)
projects presented by the community
general tutorials
and we hope tutorials based on projects developments.

Are we talking to much about Blenderman?

I always put all my energy in what I beleive
other wise, I do not do anything. :wink: and it
seems that Michael, the site administrator and
all the contributors do the same.


well, i have to agree with alltaken a little bit.
the board on blenderman.org is kinda … uhm … unfitting.

andrew kator created blenderman without a board and focused on stuff like articles and models.

of course i personally will have a regular look at the board of blenderman.org but like other voices said (including some on blendpolis.org):

the board would be just another link to check out but which isn’t completly established and thus lacks the benefits of other already working community boards like for instance elysiun.

i’ve always seen blenderman as a service to the community and not to build up it’s own community.

but don’t take these words too serious. i am just saying what i feel.


l this is an interresting remark!

It has the advantage of being clear.
check us out in 2 or 3 days
front page is meant for the new articles and
annoncement of new models and project.


Maybe you could provide a new type of forum/article thingy - just the finished projects, and atthat just “featured” ones - so that when someone has put it in finished projects here, and it has been critiqued to death, they could write up a bi about it, and share how they made it wit the community… In other words, more like a news site than a talking site - something like slashdot - with discusions on featured artwork, rather than just any old person posting thier WIP - This would make it a place that you want to be featured at - something to brag about - “My shoe just got featured at blenderman - check it out guys!”