www.BlenderNews.org Launched

A new specialized website for professionals using Blender was launched. Please Check out the news at:


I tried going to the site, and after waiting forever for it to load, I gave up. I am using IE 8. As for the site itself - I saw the headline of “Octane Render for Blender” and wondered if the same post you mentioned in the CG Society thread was what you were using - I have to say, I think you might want to be careful with that topic. As far as I’ve read here, too much was already said to compare the two renderers and speculation got thick. IF you are looking to promote professional news with the site, perhaps link to some of the blogs from the devs about the BF projects of the past, including Orange, Peach, Durian, etc. Those interviews and insights might be helpful to those people you are looking to inform.

I must say though that I would figure Blender Nation and Blender.org already have this covered, but it’s early and maybe I missed the point.