www.blendtuts.com - A new blender tutorials web!

Hi Blenderheads! :smiley:

I’m here to tell you that I’ve published a blender tutorials web :slight_smile:

It’s now live, you can take a look at: www.blendtuts.com

For now I have just a couple of tutorials, but will be more in the future. I’m dividing the tutorials in three main

cathegories, wich are begginer, medium and expert, depending on the level of complexity of the tutorial. At this moment I

just have published a few beginner tutorials, but I’m planning more advanced ones :wink:

Another thing that I wanted to say, is that at this point, I’m looking for ideas for upcoming tutorials, so if you have

something for me… just tell me on my email: [email protected]

And that’s all!! See you on the web!


Hi Oliver, I really like the layout for your website, very clean and good looking.

Hopefully in the future I can contribute to your site but for now I only have a request, I’ll send it to you on your mail.

Huge thanks and good luck with the site. I would love to see that character creation DVD if you make it :wink:

Excellent. It’s really good to see a rise in the number of specialised tutorial sites for blender

Thank you! I’m glad you like it :wink:

Great site! Keep up this nice work blendtuts. :slight_smile:

oh yea, another playground for blenderheads, The layout looks great, watched one tutorial, the sound is loud and clear, bookmarked the page, many thanks for your effort and looking forward to see some more advanced tuts,

Hey, I like the concept. I had a similar idea for a website, blenderlibrary.com, a while ago (I believe someone has since bought the domain). Anyways, I decided not to do it, since there are so many other sites that could just be improved, instead of making another site. What I would really like to see in a blender tutorials website is a fully developed user system. All tutorials would be categorized into different subsections (sort of like how it is on blender.org). Then, users of the site can write tutorials (or upload videos) that can be approved, rejected, pend for changes, etc by admins. The users would also be able to submit links to external tutorials that they’ve found around the web.

I think a site that allows everyone to contribute easily and quickly to writing/creating tutorials for the blender community would be very beneficial. Far too often, if someone wanted to write a tutorial, they would just stick it on their own site or video channel and it gets lost among the thousands of others out there. If there were one central location that everyone could submit to (and submit links to tutorials they’ve crossed upon), you could, in a sense, gather the sea of documentation.

Anyways, that’s my vision for a blender tutorials site. I look forward to seeing how your site will turn out in the long run, so keep it going.

Thanks! :wink:

Azmisov, I like a lot your idea! But… maybe in the future, for now I don’t have enough time or money to make a web page like that. In fact, I’ve created blendtuts a bit for testing how a web like this works, and if the people like it or not.

Of course, as I said I’m opened to every suggestion, but that’s a complete web change xD

For now is basecally a blog, but if it works, and in the future I’m able to get a bit of money from it, I want to make a real web page, with all that cool stuff :smiley:

I’ve already receibed some emails with ideas for new tuts, thank you so much!! It’s great to see that this is wellcome on the comunity :smiley:

See you!

EDIT: I forgot!! I’m testing the subscribing system yet, and I’m not sure if it works properly, so if you subscribe, maybe you will receibe some test emails or something :S

I recommend you to wait for subscribin until it works :wink: Sorry for the inconvenience!

Well, I’ve been testing a few things, and finally it seems that the subscription system already works!!

See you!