www.malefico3d.com.ar !!!!

(malefico) #1

Finally I got my own domain name so you can update your bookmarks boys and girls !.

No real new stuff…


Seeya !

(Timonides) #2

Good to hear from you Malefico!!!

I haven’t read any posts from you lately, so I was beginning to wonder where have you been!!!

Although we haven’t chat a lot here on elysiun, I quite admire your work!!! I found your Linux video editing tutorial pretty useful to me!!!

Anyway, I hope you’re doing fine…


(Dittohead) #3

cool 8) 8)

(gargola) #4

si malefico,no te pierdas.danos una visita de vez en cuando! :smiley:

(paradox) #5

Thanks Malefico, I’ve updated my favorites, good to keep track of where to reach you.

(malefico) #6

Thanx guys, you’re all very kind. My computer is down and probably will remain down for a while (no $, no fix). I hope I can blender again soon :wink:


(S68) #7


I’ve already linked your site… will have to update links :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll be able to get back Blending soon!