www.montagestudio.org up and running

Hey everyone,

I’ve been lacking a place to host my portfolio and what not for the last few months (years really), so I went and bought some hosting recently and have been working alongside my brother to put together a website and portfolio for myself.

It’s now reached a reasonable level to my standards and is open to viewers.


Great start. A bit more content in the gallery would be good. Even some of your other work would be ok. If it is half as good as what you have already it will still be acceptable. Also some written tutorials would be good. Overall an interesting site let down slightly by lack of content.
Or I could just be jealous that I am over twice your age with only half the talent.:stuck_out_tongue: Man your models rock like Metallica.

Old skool Metallica, and he has more content coming :smiley:

very nice…