Hello, I’m posting on behalf of the SubdivisionModeling.com mod staff to invite you all to our community for 3d modeling. Our main focus is based on Glen Southern’s vision which is…

  1. To challenge, develop and inspire.
  2. To support the next generation of modelers.
  3. To become a training resource for the digital modeling community.

I hope this is okay to post here, it’s an invitation not trying to promote competitavly against Elysiun. We’re not an application specific forum, more techinque based so look at us as a resource for your modeling needs. I’ve done a review for the latest Blender release (focusing mainly on modeling) that hopefully did it a little justice. So, I hope you enjoy our efforts if you decide to check us out. :slight_smile:

Oh, please check out our current contests. We have weekly and speed challenges along with our main contest going on right now. Right now (nearing it’s end) is our grand opening contest with prizes such as a license for Silo 1.4, subscription to 3d.sk, and a copy of the artwork done exclusivly by Don Seegmiller!


I’m always visiting subdivision forum.
It really is a great place to learn the modeling techiniques.

Nice Blender review of yours.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I’ve noticed a few Blender users hanging around the forum, it’s awesome.

I think you guys might recognize these pics…awesome Blender work: http://www.subdivisionmodeling.com/gal/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=30

The site’s really nice, but sorry if I have to be picky but there’s full nudity in 2 pictures in the hexagon review or one of those reviews and I really hate it when they make sites kick the bucket of appropriateness. :-?

The site’s good non-the-less, but I question some of the content.

That was a topic all of us mods discussed and we feel that as an artistic forum nudity is just something that will come up. The human form is the basis of character modeling so nudity is something that you have to give or take. Sorry if anything on our site offends you!

I know I wouldn’t be able to stop nudity from popping up because it manifests on nearly every major CGI website and just about all forms of media that include pictures, but the least you can do is give warnings about what the image is in that section contains (like on here and CGtalk)

The point is I don’t like the concept of some of those images even though they may provide an important basis and angle of study. (though i’d encourage covering them in clothes before posting them with no pre-warning in the topic title)

Please feel free to share your concern in our general forum. Keep in mind we’re only a month old so things will change as time goes on. We have talked about how to go about enforcing the Nudity flag on threads but nothing is set in stone as of yet, hopefully it won’t be an issue going on into the future! :slight_smile:

Thanks, looks like an useful site!

Wow, imagine that, nudity… Now, if it were violence, that’d be OK, but nudity, disgusting! I guess the 60s/70s didn’t have much of an effect in some places… %|

I think I have said all I need to say, and I don’t have a strong reason of registering at that site. When it comes to the CGI community, the sites that are here and Erwin’s site is the only places where I have strong reason to be registered.

No worries. :slight_smile:

I love the site, its great that you are supporting blender. Nice review on 2.41, i saw that the 2.4 review was in progress XD, a couple weeks back, shows how fast its growing. You going to get a blender banner up next to those other software giants on the front page? :wink:

I’ll talk to Glen tomorrow and see what we can do. We’re definatly pro blender though, it’s too good of an app to not promote.

Yeah your site has been a daily visit for me along with CGTalk and of course Elysiun. The RSS feed rocks too.

Visiting daily, since a couple of weeks. Haven’t had much time to contribute yet, though :-?

been checkin on this site since before it officially opened :]

I had never heard of this site so thanks for posting :D. I will visit this site often from now on though. I’ll probably learn a lot too.

Indeed, very nice site indeed. It’s great for those of us who like to dwell in the subdivision world of modeling :wink:
And thanks for the plug on my male statue model pnoland, I appreciate it [!]

-mr_bomb / shadowdragon

You’re welome, it’s good work. :slight_smile: On the reviews page we linked to Elysiun so i’ll see if I can get a link on the other pages also.

There’s a Blender link now too :slight_smile:

Thankz pnoland :]

elYsiun, CGTalk and the subdivision are all great forums for a newbie like me.