Hello, I’ve been working some time on this wyvern and right now I’m in process of creating textures and materials.
Currently, I’m working on the main body material.

Here’s the node setup as of now

I’d appreciate any feedback on this.

Currently I’m fiddeling with specular map and It really just seams like hit and miss type of thing for me. So any tips on specular maps in general or feedback on this one is greatly appreciated.

Second thing is, as it is clear on the preview render, are the seams which come quite rough and breaky. Honestly I don’t see any easy way to fix this. Diffuse map was done in Ps cause the blender texture painter is just too rudimental, so the texture breaks on the seams so I’ll have to fix that later.
Also the wings have bump map right now, but thats just placeholder, I plan on something completly different for wings.