Wzzard's hat

well, I do know it’s not much … but wanted to add it to my 3d gallery on www.ixaarii.com and I was hoping nobody would mind me posting it here too :stuck_out_tongue:
I know a lot of artists go by the principle “if at first you don’t succeed erase the evidence” … but I don’t think like that … i’m hoping someday I’ll be really good and then I’ll look back at beginning stuff like this and say: ‘yup, that was me’

Once upon a time … at uni … there was a math class … which it seems had nothing to do with what I was doing :slight_smile:
Done in Blender, image aranged a bit in Gimp.

flat & elegant. All my black & white peasant & wzzard customers were highly satisfied by this model.
(well, okay, one actually complained about the cutting edge … but he has been promptly taken care of)

a combo of spiky and wavy look for the more spiky inclined hat wearers.

  PS: actually now I've spent all day texturing a totem thingie and now I keep rendering deciding upon the better versions .. so had some spare time .. so I thought I'd say hi to all my Elysiun friends :p

hmm strange effect. I think it is too spikey.
And I don´t like the model of the hat.
The ultimate wizards hat is the hat of Gandalf in the lord of the rings.

I think the model looks interesting but the texture doesn’t fit with it at all.

hmmm, I’ll have to take another look at Gandal’f hat :slight_smile:
hopefully this is more a hat fit for Terry Pratchett’s Rincewind though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think Rincewind’s hat would be of a “simple” conic shape
you can look mine (Poll: The Hat) even if it’s not the best example to follow…

hehe, if it’s for rincewind it needs “wizzard” written on it in big letters (in case someone doesn’t think he’s really a wizard)

and some faded stars and moons etc…

he he :slight_smile: yes … defenetly would need Wzzard written in big letters … as for the moons & stars … brilliant!! I didn’t think of that (/remember it) !! :-))