X and MS3D importers won't import my model!

I’m having an issue with all my models made in Milkshape 3D, and I’m hoping you can help me. I keep getting the same errors in every model I import from that program.

As the title said, the native ms3d files won’t work and neither does X. The image above shows an .X file failing to import. Can anyone explain how or why that’s happening so that I can try to fix it? It’d be even better if someone had this issue before and knew how to import MS3D files.

can’t you use any other export from Milkshape?
there’s several that work with Blender.
.3ds, .obj.

Oh, I forgot to point out that the model is animated and the bone animation has to stay intact. Obj wouldn’t be fit for that, and strangely enough, every single importer (well, every one that I can export the model to) somehow screws up the model. 3ds, for example, rearranges all the meshes into a ball form. See for yourself. I was hoping someone would know about this issue and have an idea of why I’m having so much trouble with conversion.
Milkshape is what I use, so I was just hoping for at least a somewhat smooth transition so I that could import this into Unity. Don’t know if that will be happening now.