X - April 23

How about we let our imagination run wild, and guess What will be the “Special announcement” ?

My guess:

  • Cycles becoming fully spectral.
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Hehe, it is already: https://devtalk.blender.org/t/thoughts-on-making-cycles-into-a-spectral-renderer/2192

My guess:

  • New Cycles developer

Cheers, mib

based on the recent blog post, it’s not the new dev :slight_smile:

They can’t be talking about a surprise they just mentioned 2 lines above.

As for the spectral render, it is still on it’s own branch being worked on by independent people with no status on how far is done vs how much is still to be added, an “Official” statement would mean it’s around the corner with more ppl contributing.

But of course, the surprise could be anything.