X-axis mirror going buggy.

For some reason, if you shuffle around in the vertex groups and select all the vertices assigned to either “left” or “right,” and them move them, you’ll see that 2 get left behind. Strangely enough, I checked and edited them manually… they seem to be symetrical. What’s going on? It’s getting really annoying and I hope I didn’t mess something up that will make me have to redo the shape keys. Thanks! A file is attached.


Mutran.blend (206 KB)

x-axis mirror editing works for verts that are already perfectly symmetrical to each other. If you model something with the mirror modifier then apply the mirror modifier, you can continue editing with x-axis mirror editing as you’re doing.

However, it’s very sensitive to slight asymmetries, and it simply ignores verts that are not symmetrical. My guess is that at some point you moved one of those heel verts without mirror editing turned on, and inadvertently threw it out of symmetry.

You should be able to fix this by deleting those verts and adding new verts in a perfectly symmetrical way, for example by adding an edge between adjacent verts and subdividing the edge. Do this on both sides so that the new verts are exactly symmetrical, and the x-axis editing will start to work again.

Alternately, you can delete half of the model and add a mirror modifier, then apply it.

Would deleting half the model remove all of the weighting I did? And if so, is there a way to mirror that? Thanks!

Would deleting half the model remove all of the weighting I did? And if so, is there a way to mirror that? Thanks!

Shouldn’t. Try it. Back up your file first, delete half, add a mirror modifier, and then move the mirror modifier to the top of the modifier stack (above the armature). See how that works.

Yeah it works. I suppose I’ll still have to redo a bit of the shape keys since you can’t apply a mirror modifier on an object with shape keys. Thanks so much!

It should work, if the model was symmetrical it should work. Delete half of the model, add the mirro modifier, check the ¨mirror vgroups¨ option, and then apply the modifier.

In case you weight painting or your model weren´t symmetrical, there is also a script in object-scripts, that is called bone weight copy. This script copies the weight painting from one mesh to another. But you won´t need to use this script right now, cause the mirror modifier method should work perfectly.

If you had shapekeys, you could convert every shape key into a new object, and then re-add them to the mirrored model with a script called deformed mesh to RVK. The script appears under the ¨mesh-scripts¨ menu when you are in edit mode.

OK thanks I’ll try that!