X-Axis Mirror Problems...

I’m getting a strage result from the x-axis mirror in a model I started this evening.

Here is a visual explanation, as it’s much easier to understand if you can see it.

Thanks for the help. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v483/sago/Pics/Emoticons/big_smile.gif

The Mirroring takes place along the Global X-Plane; if you move the bone (edit mode) that those two were Shft-E’d from (or just the tip they were extruded from) you’ll see that their tips are equidistant from the X-Plane and one has to get bigger and the other smaller to keep their connections.


Hmm, well I swear that I tried that (that being rotating the object in edit mode), but apparently I did something different this time…

Ah well, thanks for the help.
Much appreciated, problem solved!