.X exporter dont export animations


I was been modeling and animating a simple model, i use an armature to make the animations. When i finish i tried to export the model to the .x format, but when i play it in the DirectX viewer it only show the selected key frame when the i make the export.


Please help me i really need it for my video game


It’s pretty tricky getting animations to export to .X. You need to make sure everything is compatible, not doing anything that DirectX can’t, which there is a lot of in Blender.

What is your target application? You might have better luck with fbx, collada or another format if your target app can import it.

I don’t think the DirectX exporter can handle constraints, but fbx can, exporting the results correctly. For DirectX you’d have to apply them (I’m not sure how, but you can).

Dave Heinemann

tks for your help …

Really i had to change the game engine for other with more high performance.