.x exporter woes...

whenever I export a model the polys are never connected.

for instance in blender if you grab a vertice on the default cube then the whole corner gets moved. but after it’s exported when you select a vertice you move that same vertice you move only one poly and the rest are disconnected and stay put.

I’m trying to use blender in a game engine but the exporter keeps doing this. so when I do something like move vertices to make waves in the engine then the model appears shattered.

the best way to describe would be to start with a default cube.

select a face then convert to triangles (ctrl-t) repeat for all sides.

then select each triangle and then split (y)

then select a vertice and move it.

the results is what I’m getting when exporting .x files.

I have been useing 3dstudio max 6 and the panda .x exporter plugin. so I can use max 6 to export. but I model fastest in blender and want to eliminate my realyence on max.

email ben regarding the problem you are having,