X file exporter bones problem

hi, I have problems because the x file exporter plugin doesn’t export all info needed to recreate a model bone hierarchy, as far as I can see.

All bones are exported as SkinWeights blocks, but the info in the SkinWeights blocks isn’t sufficient to recreate the bones hierarchy, since these blocks say nothing about hierarchy. To get the hierarchy, I tried to check the nested Frame blocks to find which bone is the parent to which bones. However this didn’t work either, because the nested Frame blocks don’t contain all the bones, only half of them in my case! I don’t know the system behind which bones are omitted, but it seems like all bones that are attached to the “back end” of the main bone, as children or children of children etc. to it, are never exported. Only bones that are attached to the front end of the main bone, or children or children of children etc. of those, are exported.

How can I avoid this problem? I really need to be able to export bones with their indices and correct hierarchy!

Edit: ah, now I found a solution - I will just make sure to name all bones beginning with a number to keep control of the hierarchy :), but it would be more elegant if I could get the exporter working. So my question remains: is it a bug in the exporter, or am I doing the exporting in the wrong way, forgetting some option or doing my armature wrong etc.?