X-Men - Titania

Well, finally i’ve dared… :o
This would be my first “serious” proyect, at first the idea is to get the reference pose with a mix on the char of some other concepts by another artists, (no case on posting all of the references), dependig on how satisfied i end up with the result i’ll try to go for a small 10 to 15 sec animation, but that’s another story.
The model is MH, i just modified the face a little for a more femenine look.
UV textured everything by myself, what’s rigged is also done by me…
about this last subject, i know the hips and shoulder pit are wrong, i’ll get hands on tomorrow on that and try to get something off Toloban’s tut but if anyone know an easier way to fix the shoulder (just for the pose) i’ll be grateful.

Opinions so far ? :eek:



Added a little more detail, belt, boots belt and jacket


maybe the jacket looks a little odd, but the idea is to make it softbody later… any opinions about the shoulder ? the jacket is actually “floating” above it, that should be fixed with softbody on…

The arms look short.

You think ? it’s a Make Human model and i haven’t touched the arms proportions…
However i did stretched the legs a little , maybe that’s making it look odd ?

Ah yes, that would be it.

Except in very rare cases, the length of the arms from fingertip to fingertip should be as long, or slightly longer, than the height of the person. So, if you stretched the legs that would throw off that proportion.

It also might have to do with the pose/camera angle.

The eXXXagertaed breasts and shoulders are whats throwing it off and making the arms look short.

Go ahead and fix that however you like, but thats what it is. Nice model!

i’ll try first with softbody for the jacket and see what happens, since the stretching i did to the legs was of little significance, anyway here is a T render for you guys to check.
@ free, the shoulders might look weird because of 2 things, first, her waist, which is shrinked in X & Y to get it closer to the reference, and because of that, breasts also look bigger… they do are big anyway, much because the face in the reference’s face is kinda male-ish, and i think the thin waist and “emphasized” breasts give back a little femeinity

BTW, any tips on rendering hair ? all i get is a bunch of wires, the particles are ok, rendering is the problem…
All over in every tut says that the secret is the lightning, but none shows any setup, besides, illuminating a whole scene around hair sound little reasonable…

For hair, I looked at Proog from Elephants Dream
Too lazy to find a tutorial for you sorry… :slight_smile:

Proportional hints are hard, because comics dont have great proportions…
Aside from whats already been said, I’d say her neck is quite long (compare to ref, I know ref is looking down, but still) and her ribcage stops quite high. free_ality already pointed out her exaggerated chest is throwing things out, but from a ‘bringing-comic-reality-to-a-bit-of-believeability’ point of view, if her ribcage stretched down a bit lower and perhaps was a tiny bit larger overall, then it might make more sense that her body frame could support such a physique when given a bit of artistic license/freedom of imagination.

Also, the jacket, I know its probably blocked in for now, but it does add to the ‘chest is too heavy to support’ look by making her sillouette (outline) stand out further at that point. If it stuck a bit closer to her side then that might help.

As for rigging shoulders, I wish there was an easier way. (tell me anyone if there is!) Toloban’s method does work well though, having just worked through that myself. I’m not that familiar with the MH mesh, so it might have its own set of drawbacks.

Finally, kudos for stepping a project up into Focussed Critique! It takes some guts to get feedback, I hope you’re taking it all the right way and it’s proving useful.

Thanks a lot for the link to proog, didn’t thougt about that :smiley:

About the chest… i just readed for the third time but just dont get the point (my english skill’s fault), would you mind to do a little paintover ?

About the jacket being so loose to the body, that’s, at this point, on purpose, i’ll do corrections to it once i get the softbody working.

Toloban’s tut… im kinda affraid of it, never heard about a pydriver before… :o but i’ll give it a try as soon as i get the softbody on the jacket (also reading his tutorial about it, but giving it a try on 2.46 “Rinky” to see if it gets any easyer)

And finally, about me posting here for the first time… i’ll take it well all the way, i know this is gonna get tough to handle, but belive me, i’m really hard on myself, and since i’ve been with this for a couple months now, i KNOW that i’m skipping a lot of details… also i’m looking for a little motivation since i’m lacking it lately and i dont want to drop this proyect into obvilion…

Her breasts are monstrous. Try scaling them back to human proportions. You might find she looks a little more balanced.

Jacket - fair enough, figured that was the case. Perhaps do a few renders without it so we can help you with shoulder proportions and so on.

Proog - you will learn a lot from that character, the detail in textures, the unwrapping, rigging and so on. Sure, check the hair, but soak in the rest over time too, well worth it.

Toloban’s tut - a little intimidating to start with (well, I found it so) but the general ideas are ok. I actually managed to get my rig working without the pydriver part at the end. Tradeoff is you need to model and rig the forearm at exactly (or very close to) 90 degrees out from the body. That way it is easier to calculate actual x,y,z values. Thats not from any code research, its pracically what I’ve found works.

The paintover, nothing I didnt mention earlier, hopefully the images make it clearer. I’m more of a visual person myself and I’m sure many artists here might be as well.


@zog: check out the side view, tell me what u think, and keep in mind that the reference is breaty, and thin waste too, which boosts the look
@Ben: Thanks a lot for the paintovers, got the point, here are 3 quickies since i have to work, i’ll try the suggestions when i’m back if the crits are still the same without the jacket


From the side view, the ribs dont look too bad, but the breasts look rather far down on the torso, almost like they are sliding off. Try moving them up roughly half of their ‘height’.

100% agree, didn’t noticed that before… i’ll do some work on that and get hands on the rig… how about her shoulders ?

Halve the size of the breasts. I’m not too concerned with the accuracy to the original concept as it seems you aren’t, either. The reason I say this is that all reference from actual people will bear witness to the fact that breasts are 1) not that blocky and 2) not that humongously big.

Well, i did started Toloban’s tut on shoulder rigging and got to the shape keys part, only to find that i dont know how to preserve the “pose” while editing the mesh, so nothing has actually changed about the rigging, but an extra bone… :frowning: any tip on that is more than welcome…
I’ve been searching tuts on shape keys but got nothing more useful than the wiki and the “introduction to character animation” wich as far as i’ve seen, has no reference to shapekeys… but is gonna be a greate boost to my (little) skills anyway.
About the mesh, all i did was pushing up the breasts as suggested, and shrinking them a little, as for the shoulders and chest, let me know if the opinions are the same without the jacket on…
@Zog: In the end, i would like to have a mix of the reference, wich is the main among other 3, and a little bit more “realistic” look, without loosing the classic overdeveloped-super-hero-like body…

http://www.imagehosting.com/out.php/t1680683_ladonuevo.jpg http://www.imagehosting.com/out.php/t1680684_frentenuevo.jpg

Looks like i’m gonna need to edit the skin below the breasts, and the right breast needs a little correction… just finded out :confused: