X-Mirror behavior in 2.8 (poll and opinions)


(artell) #1

The X-Mirror behavior is being discussed, it may change in Blender 2.8.

In Blender 2.79 (current way) it’s a per-object option, meaning each object have this feature enabled or disabled.
The proposal is to change it as a per-mode option, so that it will affect any selected objects. Turning it on or off will change it in a global way.

Some of the pros and cons:
-It may be a hassle to enable it and disable it on selection change. Generally, an object is modelled in a symmetrical or non-symmetrical way, and you don’t want to toggle it each time.
-Having it per-object is an exception, and may seem not coherent compared to other tools
-Other 3d apps generally have this feature per-mode

What do you think about it?

  • X-Mirror should be per object
  • X-Mirror should be a global mode

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(zeauro) #2

I rarely use it. I mainly use a mirror modifier. (Mirror modifier will stay per object, anyways.)
I only use it occasionally when modifier was applied and I need to fix things.
I generally immediately disable it after using it.

So, I already perceive it as snapping or proportional editing tool.
I have no problem with having that as a global mode option.

I suppose that on an asset split into several objects that may be interesting.
But under that perspective, I think the core problem is to know if mirroring according objects origins is coherent or not.
You can create an asset into several pieces with each origin of piece set at same location.
But some pieces may be not centered as the others and in that case, it would be disturbing.
Anyways, that is not a sufficient reason to reject the idea of change.
User will still have ability to make a pertinent selection according to what he wants to achieve.


the problem on having x-mirror as global set per mode is not that you are not able to change it, rather that every time you select an object for editing you have to think whether the mirror option is check or not, and if you forget to do it can happen that you do your editing with the wrong option; if instead the mirror setting is per object, you can set it once and then forget it.

(stargeizer) #4

Per object. Just set per object and forget. Global means more work and having another thing to be careful of is not funny at all.

(thajr) #5

I would prefer to have it always on when I get into an object’s edit mode. I almost always work with symmetrical objects so it makes sense to me

(Michael Knubben) #6

I see a lot of votes for ‘per-object’, but have those people read the proposal thoroughly? Some decent points are brought up in favour of ‘per-mode’ x-mirror.
That aside, I would really like to see improvements made to make x-mirror more robust, as currently it’s often a disappointing affair.

-Only vertex movement is mirrored, not constructive tools (bevel, inset etc),
-Even for movement it often fails on seemingly simple meshes.
-‘Snap to symmetry’ is almost never works on not-fully symmetrical meshes. It’s a great function, wish it worked more reliably!
-When x-mirror is on and you’ve selected both sides, transformations are warped and actually result in losing symmetry. While this makes some amount of sense, it’s not desirable.

The mirror modifier is fine, but modeling while being able to toggle mirror on and off is really a breath of fresh air, and I really miss it from my days of using NVIL. It also helps when editing a mesh that already has uv’s, a rig, blendshapes etc, where the destructive nature of the mirror modifier would be a hassle.
I’m currently editing such a mesh (applying clothing from a previous character to a new one), and x-mirror’s coming in really handy, it’s just not reliable enough.

(Hadriscus) #7

As you say, it barely works anyway, and even when the mesh is perfectly symmetrical it often fails (right after applying mirror mod)… so it doesn’t make much of a difference to me. Let’s fix it and then we can talk about it.

(artell) #8

@Hadriscus @Michael_Knubben
I could not be that negative about this feature, from my experience it’s working as expected. If you have any blend files to share where such cases happen (mirror not working after applying the modifier), it would be interesting to report it as a bug. Issues happen when the vertices are not at the exact same symmetrical position, but in this case the W > Snap to Symmetry can fix it if used carefully (making sure to use a correct threshold value to avoid to merge close vertices).

The problem with the mirror modifier is it’s not possible to keep it when adding shape keys that are not symmetrical (i.e right eye blinking).
So when creating a character, the usual workflow is to apply the mirror modifier when starting to rig it. Because of this, the X-Mirror tool is still very useful to tweak some vertices position afterwards. This said, a full mirror mode that could mirror any operation (extrude, bevel, subdivide…) would be definitely amazing.

(Hadriscus) #9

Hey Lucky. 8)

This said, a full mirror mode that could mirror any operation (extrude, bevel, subdivide…) would be definitely amazing.

That’s what I meant - I let a bad mood take the better of me, apologies. Sometimes I really should think twice before hitting that reply button. In any case, I don’t mind having it per-mode. I’ll probably bind it to a hotkey anyway.