x-mirror in wrong direction

Im working on Tony Mullen´s book on Blender modeling/animation and Im stuck because the x-mirror feature of the armature is working in the Y direction instead of the X direction. I cant figure what is wrong, it is clearly moving exactly on Y global axis. Can anyone help?

The part of the book Im stuck on is p146 if anyone has the book.

  1. It works along the local X-Axis of the armature, so in gobal space it depends whether the armature has an rotation or not.
  2. It mirrors along the X-Asis, i.e. at the YZ-Plane.


Y-Axis of the Bone? Or the Armature?


Thanks for your response SoylentGreen. This is strange, so I will have to rotate my mesh to stand along the YZ-Plane for the bone/armature to mirror corrrectly? That is going to make things difficult as the model wont stand in the defualt front and side views.

No, no. But:

  1. Basically your model should not have any rotation or scale before you begin to rig it. Apply scale and rotation if necessary.
  2. You could also rotate the armature, because X-Axis mirror works along the local axis of the armature.