X Mirror Option Fails When Weight Painting

I am weight painting vertexes in Blender 2.69 and find the X Mirror does not work. I tried again with both X Mirror and Topology Mirror in effect and it still didn’t. This screen shot shows the weight painting I did on the character’s left side:

This screen shot shows that when the same bone on the right side is selected the weights are not there:

What went wrong here?
This Blender file can be downloaded at:

Clicking the bone does not necessarily select the vertex group at the same time. If you select the vertex group you will see that the weight has been applied.

I do not see where to select this vertex group. I am new to this though. But I can see the weights have not been applied because when I rotate character’s right bone the mesh does not follow as it does its bone on the left.

Bone names do not match the vertex groups, and are not named to be the opposite of the left side. The one you have selected there is not “upper_arm.R” like the vertex group.

It is working now. The problem was, as you pointed out, misnamed bones on the right side. Thanks :slight_smile: