X Mirror Select in UV map viewport?

I did a quick search but I couldn’t find what I wanted.

Basically, I want to select a point on the UV map and have it also select the opposite UV point and mirror it. I have it so that when I select a point, it selects a point on the actual mesh but I thought it useful to be able to select multiple points on one side and have it x mirror the UVs as well.

I know that you can delete half your mesh, mirror it, apply the mirror mod and then flip the UVs and stitch but I was just hoping for a tool that would simplify. Oftentimes I go in and manually tweak the UVs so it would be nice to just have to do one side.

Is that possible?

I still haven’t figured this out yet. I know it’s kind of a small thing but it would be nice if it were in Blender. Anyone know of a tool like this?