X mirror weight painting problems

I’ve recently been polishing one of my models and noticed that the symetry was WAY off. So I decided to do a trick with x mirroring. After I mirrored it and sewed up the middle I noticed that the weight paint for both sides was on the left bones. (see attachment one at the bottom)

I was thinking two ways to solve this problem.

Problem One: Maybe blender has a script where you can copy weight paint on opposite bones even if they are already painted on.

Problem Two: I could just redo all the weight paint (couldn’t hurt anyways)

But in either case: I don’t know where problem one would be in Blender if it exists and problem two doesn’t mirror when I press the X-mirror button in weight painting!!:spin:

All my bones are named like shoulder_R and shoulder_L etc. etc. yet when I paint, there’s no mirroring.(see attachments 2 and 3)

I’m thinking whatever the problem is, it also has to do with the mirroring modifier. When I first use the Mirroring modifier the x mirror made a duplicate faceing the opposite way of my character. The y axis for some reason was the right mirror. And even when I continued to rotate, the mirror was still in the same place, as if the axis had nothing to do with the mirroring!:spin:

right now my character faces the numberkeypad 1 view.

So my questions are:

*Is there any way to copy the paint of already made weight paints onto opposite bones?:confused:

*What’s wrong with the mirroring modifiers of weight paint and mirror?:confused:


I’ve been trying to solve the problem on my own and I’ve been able to narrow the problem to the mesh or armature. But even then it still eludes me.

The names are within the rules of bone mirrors, and the x mirror paint even works on the clothing he has on when I add the armature to it. So for some reason I can use the same bones and x mirror paint on any mesh BUT the one I want:spin: … does any one know a reason for this?

EDIT: I’ve also found another strange occurance.

on a few bones when I try to add weight paint, this small piece of paint seems to always show up at different spots depending on the bone. So say I try and paint the shoulder but even though I was no where near the hand, weight is painted on the index finger.

I’ve also noticed that turning off x mirror (which still doesn’t work) only gives it slightly less weight. I’ve also noticed that the opposite bone of the one painted is then given the same random paint (but not the one I want) on both sides of the mesh, so I weight paint the left shoulder and weight is made on the index finger of the left and right hand of the left shoulder bone and the right shoulder bone gets the same thing (but not the actual weight that I painted on) And it doesn’t matter where I paint as long as I paint on that bone!:spin::spin::spin:

so as you can see I’ve now got a problem with not only mirroring weighted paint, but also with this strange reoccuring “phantom paint”! It’s making me SO mad. I’d just say that my blender is broken but then again, it ONLY is effecting the one mesh, nothing else!:mad:

New edit: It also seems that this occurance only occurs after I delete the vertex group. The pictures in the attachment outline what is going on (read the names to better understand)


Could you upload the .blend please?


Sure, the layers are as follows
1 = character mesh / 2 = piece of hair / 3 = piece of hair / 4 = piece of hair / 5 = dress for softbody tutorial / 6 - 10 = nothing / 11 = armature for character / 12 = uv mapped shirt / 13 = other pieces of clothing not finished / 14 = character’s old pants / 15 = camera and lights / 16 - 20 = unused
You’ll be relieving a migrane if you can figure this out for me :slight_smile:

(I don’t know how to upload anything but pictures here so here’s the link
http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=193702 you can use the file in any way you want but I’d prefer not for it to be posted on the web or distributed in any way beyond this link, includeing variations of the models, at least not now for I havn’t completed it yet :wink: )

I’ve been working on this problem for the past couple of days now and STILL the answer elludes me. I’ve even made a simpler mesh and tried out the x-mirror weight function and it worked. I tried comparing the settings of the two to see what might be activated or not that is causing the x mirror not to work. Yet STILL I come up with nothing.:confused:

It’s like all the unseen forces on earth are making it possible to do anything BUT let me weight paint this one mesh!!!:mad:

I challange anyone to find out the answer, please let it be something simple like one unseen button that if not pressed or if pressed with cause this to happen! (I really don’t want to find out that the file itself is corrupt for THAT mesh only, it wouldn’t make any sense!!!)

Well wouldn’t you know it? It’s been a painful couple of days but with hours of deep searching I’ve found out what the problem was, a VARY easy to miss mistake that all models must be in consideration for.
As you may know, all objects have a pivot point (that purple thing) well what I didn’t know is that while the object itself can be rotated, the pivot point can be to! In otherwords you can rotate the mesh but if you don’t rotate the object as a whole, then its x, y and z axises will never change. So if the object is faceing point A and your internaly (in edit mode) rotate the mesh to look at point B, blender will still use all functions, operators, and modifiers considering the pivot point which was not changed and still looks at point A!

So you have the 3D grid, but you also have a pivot which can change its axises and the mesh itself which can be changed via edit mode! Some where down the line I must have rotated internaly (in edit mode) my mesh and then rotated it back outwordly (in object mode), thus rotateing the mesh and object out of balance from what I wanted! That would even explain the “phantom paint” problem!!

The lesson learned is that all modifiers base their function not on the blender grid axises, but the axises of the pivot point of the object!!!:wink:

Well, I feel kinda smart :cool: (and a little bit brain drained) and as such I have one last smart idea that I would want the next blender update to maybe have if it doesn’t already.

    *Have the option to draw, say, arrows, (like on emptys), that show where the pivot is faceing or some visual reference. 
    *Have more options in edit mode to center a selection around the pivot point. (instead of collapsing itself when selecting the snap to center function)

So in essence have more visual and manual control over the pivot point! (it would have REALLY saved me the effort!:rolleyes: )

hi i’m having the same problem
the problem is that i’m not that good in english . could you please please please tell me in dummy english how you solved that problem.

a super simple way to fix this is

  1. orientate the model faceing forward, (number pad 1)
  2. edit buttons edit mode (f9) press center new under mesh

this will align the x y and z of the pivot point in the center of your mesh, i was having this problem and it fixed it. Thx for the info guys.

Ggh! I can never trust that “Mirror thing” (almost always got a mess with it) so i timeconsumingly work separately on each side…
After your explanations, i might give a try again… :wink:

the name of the bones is crucial
the weightpainting works for me with bones named like:

you see the capitals?

and shure the x-mirror must be possible, means you cannot setup your mesh in any direction you want - for me i try to setup it GLOBAL and LOCAL in the right direction, only to avoid any later confusion about mixing these, this means the mesh is heading in Y-axis and the upper direction is in Z-axis, then left/right sides are in X-axis.

Its weird to me that I had to do the "center new " thing but that did the trick. Thanks Darkelfv. Before I just restarted the bones. :smiley:


Edit: Just noticed this thread was almost a year old lol.

when you go into ’ Weight painting ’ after using ’ add automatic bone weights ', it’s in parenting menu or, CTRL + P, you go from ’ Object mode ’ or, ’ Edit mode ’ into ’ Weight painting ’ ( in same menu ), once in weight painting mode, your character turns mostly blue with, the weights of a single selected bone looking different . .

In that mode, there’s this menu on the right side, where you can select the brush size and, strength of it, for weight painting, under it there’s a bunch of titles, you can click, one is called ’ symmetry ’ and, another is ’ options ’ - - In options menu-list there’s a button called ’ X - mirror ', press that and, it will mirror weight painting on two bones, that are opposite each other, I think you need to use naming convention of lowerleg.L and, lowerleg.R to make it work - - I hope you know what all this means, it’s a bit weird, Good luck - –